Youtube Promotion (Audio & Video)

Do you have a new Song or Music video and you want to promote it to millions of Nigerians?

As the biggest brand in Africa music and entertainment, we have used YouTube Ads countless times to promote an artiste. YouTube is known to be widely used by millions of people worldwide and people watch videos daily so your video could be up there only if you are ready?

We as a team are ready to take your music video to the next level by using YouTube ads which also serves as a larger audience to reach a targeted set of people.

Do you know those YouTube Ads that come up when watching Videos/Movies on YouTube? – everyone knows them unless you live under the rock.

We know how to excellently use those Ads to push millions of Streams/Downloads to songs and millions of views to Music videos.

We can do the same for you too.

Targeting is very key when promoting or advertising on YouTube and our skill in doing this as really helps us pushed our client’s contents to a whole new height.

We can get the whole of Africa to listen to your song or watch your new video on YouTube with our huge experience of YouTube advertisement.

Most people promote their Song/Video on YouTube but they don’t get the result they need because they don’t know the dos and don’ts of YouTube promotion.

As a team we are ready to help you reach the right audience in Africa.


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