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Promotion is key and very important. The industry is very much populated and unless you make proper promotion plans you are heading Nowhere.

As Africa No. 1 Music & Entertainment website, we can tell you that promoting your Songs & Videos online is not enough. Yes, online promotion is very very important as other means of Promotion rely heavily on it to work out.

You must have heard various songs on radio and various TV stations, once you listen to a song on radio and even watch a video on TV the next thing you do is go online and search for that song right.

Internet promotion is the king these days but TV and Radio promotions are equally important as their advantages are huge – you get to reach even more audiences who are yet to be your fans.

1. Some music lovers rely heavily on TV to know about new music videos as they can’t keep up with all the updates on the Internet.

2. Most busy people work in companies but love music gets to know about new songs when driving home in the comfort of their car.

3. Many offices or workshops have Radio or TV playing all through the day – you need them to know about your song.

4. Internet promotion gets to the youth mostly but if you need to reach a more matured & older audience, TV & Radio are also a good route to take.


Beat FM / Cool FM / Wazobia FM / Naija FM / Soundcity FM / Kennis FM / Unilag Radio / Classic FM / Smooth FM / Kiss FM / Radio Continental / City FM / Inspiration FM / Top Radio / Kpoko Fm and may more.


HipTV / Soundcity / MTV Base / Trace / Afro Pop


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