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As the most visited Entertainment platform in Africa, we are ready to support your music career to the fullest. We know the right promotional plans and strategies to deploy to make your song the next big thing in the Nigerian music industry.

We have been running music promotions for artistes with lots of years experience and working with us on your musical project is a big step to stardom. The Music industry is very competitive and with our experts and team we are ready to take your project to another level. We have done it countless times for various artistes and we can do it for you again.

We Offer The Following Promotions

We Also Offer Promotional Packages on Trendingblizz

This promotional packages is meant for artistes but want their songs to trend on social media platforms. We guarantee you 20,000 to 50,000 downloads from our platform.

  • Trendingblizz Massive Instagram promotion

  • Trendingblizz Music Of the Day

  • Trendingblizz Twitter Trend

  • Trendingblizz Music Banner Advert

  • Trendingblizz Artiste of the Month

  • Trendingblizz Artiste Interview


Thanks for checking out our promotional packages we look forward to be working with you soon

If you are interested hit us up via any of the lines below

WhatsApp: 08101371681

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