Music Industry Requires a lot of Money- Hbee

8 months ago

Hbee is an artiste with a unique sound, a blend of afrobeat and afropop. His songs takes us totally to a new dimension, On our platform we decided to share some insight about the artiste and what he has for us in the industry, he has been inspired by so many things to make music, he talks about the music industry and artistes he would love to collaborate with. Read this interview and get to know about your favorite artiste Hbee. 

1. Who is (Hbee)? My real names are “Mba Ekene Jackson “ I’m from Enugu state the eastern part of Nigeria.. I’m an Afro beat independent artist

2.How Long have you been doing music ?? professionally I have been doing music for 6years now

3. What inspired you to make music ? I get inspired to create my music from the beat , my environment and things happening in my life

4. You have been grinding for (XXX) years now, what would you consider to be your biggest challenge?? My biggest challenge is Funding” the music industry requires a lot of money for promotion so lack of funding yeah for me is my biggest challenge

5. Which Nigerian artist will you love to work with and why?  I would love to work with , Burnaboy , Wizkid , Davido , Runtown & Sean tizzle

6. What Genre of music do you do and how does it shape your everyday life? I do Afro beat and it’s inspire me a lot because it’s for the culture the original African sound create by the legendary Fela himself

7.  So many albums have been dropped in 2020, whose album are you feeling the most? Wizkid’s Made in Lagos & Burnaboy Twice as tall

8.  Which artist do you look up to and why? Burnaboy why because his album passed a lot of life message plus the struggle & give hope to the upcoming act that’s you can archive your dreams only but time if you don’t give up

9. There have been heated arguments over who is the real GOAT between Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy…Who amongst the three is your GOAT and why? Wizkid is the greatest for me and I look forward to working with him in the nearest feature

10.  Tell us something no one knows about you?  I don’t write my songs

11. What do you find most challenging being an artist in Nigeria? Lack of love & support in the industry

12. How do you think digital stores and streaming services has affected the music industry ? it had affected the music industry alot and given hope and edge for upcoming and independent artist to showcase their self and being heard or seen easily

13.  When was the first time you were paid to perform and how much were you paid? that’s 2years ago and I was paid 100k

14. What do you consider the most embarrassing moment you have had ? when I was asked to kiss a lady I don’t even know on stage

15. Tell us about your latest project ? my latest project is a blend of Afro beat , Afro pop and feel good vibe my fans I never disappoint so they should expect but , unique music , good music and hit music

Hbee has been able to tell us a lot about himself in this interview and we have been able to know a lot about him. Link to his project below




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