Its Difficult for an Artiste to break in- Carmolina

8 months ago

Afro Caribbean/ Indigenous artiste Carmolina has recently talked about what she thinks about the music industry and the issues being faced as an artiste. Carmolina shared issues with her childhood and she talks about artistes whom she admires like Fela Kuti and others. We had an interview with Carmolina and she shared her insights on Afrobeats, streaming services and relationship with fans during this Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Who is (Carmolina)? Freespirit, wild, exotic, female sexuality and very seductive

2. How Long have you been doing music I started music when I was a child! I was always singing or performing for church or a school talent shows! I really started at age of 4 getting the studio experience from my mother who was a vocalist.


3. What inspired you to make music ? My darling mother. I use to always be in the studio with my mommy watching her sing/ record or at her rehearsals when she was creating or practicing with her band members…I knew then I wanted to be a singer! She had a song called “Living In The Dark” that Woke my soul up to music!


4. You have been grinding for (XXX) years now, what would you consider as your biggest challenge in the industry and how has your genre of music shaped your life ??? I started grinding with music when I was a teenager! The biggest challenge in the industry is getting the right team and manager who will really make moves for you! You spend a lot of money paying everyone to help you move your career along and there is no guarantee to what the results will be. You find out very fast that you have to learn music business on your own and help yourself as much as possible. No one will really believe in you like you or work towards your dream as hard as you will, so YOU have to get to work…and IF you find people who can help you along the way, hold on tight cause money grabbers are everywhere waiting! Also, artist we have to conquer everything! All the social media platforms, marketing, our brand…it is a lot of consistent work that goes into it! Recently, Spotify had mixed up my music and had to take down my original profile…I have now had to rebuild my streams and following! Also, with everything being digital people can steal or represent you without you even knowing it or having a hard time reversing the process and error! Afrobeats has really shaped me and my image! It fits my lifestyle and style perfectly! A little bit of this and that and very very vibrant and cultural! I hear and feel all my cultural identity in Afrobeats so it really gives me a vibe to sing with passion with a wave of Afroindigenous Diasporan vibes! I am very proud of my Afro Caribbean/Indigenous heritage so now I get to express the beauty of tribal singing and tribal style as a Goddess in the form of art and music.


5. So many albums have been dropped in 2020, whose album are you feeling the most?? Juls Baby is super creative!


6. Which artist do you look up to and why? Fela Kuti. I started watching his interviews years before I started Afrobeats. I like the realness he represented! He showed artist to be true and authentic to their true culture and heritage. Also, to stop trying to be like a people or culture they are not! All of his songs had important messages! It is important for a artist to be a trend setter and make sure their listeners are getting fed vibrant music that makes one think…has a positive effect in their brains and minds! Fela Kuti made you think and express the true Afro and Indigenous culture before it was taught to make most of us think it to be inferior!


7. What has changed in the music industry and why is it so difficult for artistes to break in ?? A lot if labels are not signing deals and if they do the artist has to already have millions of followers and making money on our own. Artist we now have to hold our own- the majority of us! Everything is about numbers now…it is difficult for artist to break in because it is a challenging career! There is a lot of talent in the music industry! Something has to make you stand out! Artist have to make extra noise! We have to break through algorithms, talk about our lives, and open up to our audience! Let them see “who” we are as artist…it use to be just talent- not no more!


8. How has streaming services affected the music industry?? No streams, no proof that there is a audience listening to your music! Also, you won’t make money for your music! Like now, most artist cannot perform because of Covid so streaming is a source of revenue and proof someone is listening to you! Streaming has effected the music industry by making everything so digital. Took away from the personal moments with fans! That personal connection! Also, if you trust the wrong people they can steal your music and copyright it and make your money for themselves…so it made things more tricky!


9. When was the first time you were paid to perform and how much were you paid? First time I was paid, a reggae artist name Marlon B asked me to come on tour to Switzerland 🇨🇭With him to sing his background vocals and Adlibs! It was awesome! He paid me 275 Euros plus I got to stay in a 5 star hotel with a jacuzzi in the bathroom. The only bad thing…we were performing until morning so…I only got 3 hours of sleep and didn’t really get to enjoy my luxurious hotel room! A lot of respect to Marlon B! I will never forget!


10. What do you consider the most embarrassing moment you have had as an artist? I sung at a big hotel in front of a huge audience. Before the show everything was going wrong. The media guy left before I performed, I couldn’t access my money to pay my dancers to perform with me, and an old manager I had abandoned me completely. At the end of the day only one dancer took my word and let me pay her later…I sung alone…felt totally abandoned. But, still nailed the performance despite the things that were going wrong!


11. Tell us about your latest release?? I just released a Afrobeats song “Wasn’t Me” inspired by The dancehall song “It wasn’t Me” by Shaggy-( I use to talk to him on the phone when I was a little girl! My god father and him were buddies from back when they were in the army together! ) It is one of my favorite songs! I do not like cheating and I think people should be honest about their wants and needs to their partners before entering a relationship! Don’t lie! No matter what the song lyrics is explaining a cheater will always get caught!!!


You can check out her latest song on all digital platforms and right here on our blog.



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