Its Challenging being an artiste in the UK- 705

8 months ago

Being an artiste in the UK has been quite challenging. On this interview we had a talk with UK artiste 705 who has been on the radar for quite some time now and has been giving us good delivery. 705 does a mix of rap and afrobeat, being the brother to Nigerian singer Naira Marley has caused some controversy in the media space . There is so much you should know about 705 and his type of music, trust, when we say he is talented and he is bringing something fresh to the world of afrobeat.

1. Who is (705)? 705 is an artist from Born in Nigeria, raised in Surulere, Lagos spending time with family Bankolemoh and Shita Hakerele before moving to London in 2001. 705 comes from my actual name Tosin in which I recreated 705iN from so 705 is actually my name shorted to Tos which friends called me at times.

2. How Long have you been doing music? I started music production in 2004 and went on to study music technology at college level in 2006. I have been recording and releasing music since 2010 on soundcloud and others before fully focusing on the afrobeats scene in 2014.

3. What inspired you to make music ? My father, brothers and neighborhood in Nigeria. My father always listened to Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade which were my music go to in times of trouble for example Aye retired Eleya mi by king Sunny Ade was my favorite tune when in trouble, apart from this, I saw the beauty and life music gives when it is at is truest forms and to be able to share my talent with the world is a blessing.

4. You have been grinding for (XXX) years now, what would you consider to be your biggest challenge? My biggest challenge would be direction as I believe i have been doing good self navigating, but with the right managerial team, I believe we would move mountains.

5. Which artist will you love to work with and why? Davido. I just love his vibe and energy when it comes to music and life.

6. So many albums have been dropped in 2020, whose album are you feeling the most?? I must say Burna Boy, the guy is just different.

6. Which artist do you look up to and why? 50 Cent, I like how he came through the music scene changed the music game and then went on to be a Mogul that he is today. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to be the biggest artist without thinking of the work that has to be put in, 50 cent shows hard work and determination is key. He also showed me we are not just artists but individual business.

7. There have been heated arguments over who is the real GOAT between Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy…Who amongst the three is your GOAT and why? GOAT is a great word and I respect and admire these artists for what they have done for the afrobeats scene but my GOATS would always be Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade.

8. What do you find most challenging being an artist in the UK? Getting recognition, UK is a big scene when it comes to music and afrobeats is still at its baby stages especially over here so it is not taken as seriously as other genres as afro swing, grime or drill but I believe attention is slowly changing towards afrobeats and this might change soon.

9. Tell us about your latest project??? My latest project was a single titled  1999. A very soulful, melodic yet gritty sound. 1999 was a key year for me, the new millennium, my parents buying a house, things looking good and this track was really a reminiscent of that whilst stating the fact that this music is for life.

10. When was the first time you were paid to perform and how much were you paid? The first time I was paid to perform was in 2017 for about £50.

11. What do you consider the most embarrassing moment you have had as an artist? As an artist I can’t really think of one, every mistakes has been a lesson.

12. Tell us about your musical journey so far as an artiste in the UK ?? Funny one, ups and downs, a lot of empty promises. Uk has a lot of different sounds and countries which makes the competition a bit more as you are not just dealing with hip hop, rnb or afrobeats but a wider demographic, there is salsa, afro-swing, latino there is a lot of competition but the afrobeats scene is striving and is coming up and I believe the future is bright.

13. There have been some speculations that you are related to Nigerian artiste Naira Marley how true is this and how is your relationship like ??? Come on, that’s family, I speak to him almost every week, always ready to give advice.

I believe you enjoyed this interview and you have gotten to know more about 705, you can stream his song below.



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