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Rave of the moment, Boy Adequate announces forthcoming EP project which he titles Godspell. Boy Adequate has been consistently giving us good songs and he started music from a very tender age, he has been doing so well in the industry and he tags his new EP project as one that will reflect his sound all along.

Boy Adequate is known as an afropop artiste, he describes his style of music to be calm, full of vibes and talks about life. He also talked about how Afrobeats and Afropop has inspired him to do more and the way artistes from Nigeria are being recognized globally, this has given him the motivation to do more with his music and he knows his voice must be heard. Before the release of this new project “Boy Adequate” has released previous songs and an EP project which has given him more fans and presence in the entertainment industry, “Boy Adequate” is known to be a bad ass song composer and a lyrical genius, coupled with vibes from Kenyan and Nigeria, he is ready to take the industry by storm.

Blended with a unique sound and African vibes, Godspell is a project that comes with five (5) tracks; Demo, Wavy Level, Abena, Lagos Party, Ajoke. It’s one project that talks about the artiste sounds and each track has a story to tell about him.  For the first time “Boy Adequate” has shown that there is more to his kind of sounds, this new project shows he is vulnerable, more to him than love and party songs. Song credits would be given to the M&M engineers and song producers like Brain on the Mix and Hillstringz.

Wavy Level which is the lead track off the EP is a mid tempo song, with hard banging tunes, he talked about being thankful, hopeful and pray all his dreams will be accomplished. Produced by Hillstrings, M&M by Brain on the Mix, from the beat to the tune and lyrics, all flowing consecutively to give you a sweet melody and appealing lyrics. Wavy Level is a song you don’t want to skip on this new project and trust me it bangs hard.

Demo is a party vibe song, filled with high bass tunes and a heavy beat. He sings about having fun and enjoying his life, he talks about the sleepless night being over soon. Demo as the name implies is a catchy phrase which will grab the attention of the listener, “Boy Adequate” is one artiste that knows how to use words that can get stuck in your head and “Demo” is one of them.

Abena comes with a high tempo, he talks about a girl he met and he fell in love with her at first sight, seasoned by appealing lyrics, and the catchy name “Abena” his voice was able to blend by the layers of the track and it’s also perfect for listeners to groove.

Ajoke is a romantic song; the artiste has been able to prove that he can also be a lover boy on this song. He reassures his dream girl of his love and how he feels about that. The name “Ajoke “is a mystery lover, he dreams about that and all the fun memories they will have together. This is the perfect romance track off the EP project which features string instrumentals, its soft and chill and almost ends too soon.

Lagos Party which ends the list of songs in the EP project, is a song full of life and party vibes. It talks about the lifestyle in Lagos and Nairobi Kenya how they are similar. Popular saying goes “There is no party like a Lagos Party” the singer is trying to emphasize on that and telling us also that Nairobi, Kenya is also full of life and vibe like the Lagos Party.

Godspell is a project that talks solely about the artiste life, full bodied beat and enchanting lyrics and catchy hook that will put you in different moods. Boy Adequate has been able to unleash himself as an artiste with different musical capabilities; you will get hooked up from the first track to the last.

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