ATP: Talented Photographer and Artiste on the Rise

11 months ago

The Nigerian music industry is known to be filled up with talented artistes and more keep springing up daily. On this interview we had a chat with talented artiste ATP whose flare for music and photography started at a young age .

Adoh Ifeanyi is a talented songwriter, artiste and a photographer. He talks about music and photography with how they are related. His name ATP  was coined from the Science word Energy. He talks about coming from a family of four (4) and the challenges he has faced. ATP is from Ndokwa West Local Government area of Delta State, Nigeria, he is currently studying Biochemistry in the University of Benin. 

I’m the 3rd child of 4, a native of Ndokwa west local government area, Delta State.
Music has always been a part of my life, whilst I was growing up, I remember I and my elder brother use to sing and watch Michael Jackson, and lot of others, but I never really envisioned myself to do music professionally as a career not until last year 2020.


What Inspired you to do music professionally?


I love music alot everyone around me knows, I was initially scared, what people would think, how would people would accept my sound. But I got alot of people around me, they said I was good and should take a chance on it.. so that was it, I decided to go on my first 2 singles which were released same day.. Time and space ft Richie Rayy.. and if I love which I went solo on. 


What are the Reactions so far by People?


The reactions have been so amazing, it’s been God, I mean alot of people really appreciated the songs, and that has so much encouraged me, I feel really blessed, I get calls and messages of people I don’t even know saying they love my song, as at this time last year, if someone had told me, I would have two songs out, I would have doubted. and I can’t wait to give out more. 


What is your plan for the year 2021, and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?


The plan is to grow, to learn, to build myself as a person, as an artist, to discover my sound, just to build the name and brand ATP. In the next 5 years I see myself making an impact and a statement in my time, with my music, my sound, my messages and a whole lot, serving the world a taste of good music and good vibes. 


What would you classify your sound as?


I wouldn’t say I sound a certain way, I can literally fit into any kind of music, using different kinds of vibe, slightly different kinds of sounds , but you would realize it’s ATP…
In fact am yet to discover allot about ATP, when it comes to music, let’s say am still in the growth process


What artist influences your style and brand, and which do you look forward to working with?


The artists that influences my sound and style of music are Fireboy, Wizkids, Tems and Burnaboy, while in the American scene Swaelee, Drake, Future. Am looking forward to working with all of them, especially Fireboy.


Are you currently signed to any record label?


Am not signed to a label yet, now I just work with my manager, and he’s pretty cool


I know that there must have been high and low points since your music journey started. Can share you share some of them?


My highest point is when I realized am doing something much more bigger than myself, being able to impact people, make them feel warmth and good vibes, being able to express my thoughts and pass a message, with my voice, that’s something really special, I must say. My lowest point has to be doubt I have alot of doubt, I get tensed easily, and easily get discouraged, but in some way I feel, it’s a beautiful thing, this doubt helps me bring out the best of myself, shows my true nature, I don’t know I just feel that way.










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