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Alpha Entertainment Group (AEG), a product of the 2021 Music Business for Africa (MBA) academy is happy and proud to announce their artist for the academy talent project. Competing with 4 other groups saddled with the responsibility of developing an artist music career over the next couple of months, AEG unveiled Philip Dobson, the artist they will be growing and building.

Dobson is a talented artiste, songwriter and guitarist. Dobson popularly known as his stage name connects with his audience magically with music. His music reflects on the African culture, from the beat making, to his stage presentation, to his dress sense, Dobson is said to be one unique artiste you need to watch out for with different range of music style from R&B, Pop, Soul and all of these sounds from him will leave you speechless.

We have heard lots of stories as artistes starting out as rappers and later finding their own roots, Dobson is no exception as he started out as a rapper and Jay Z was his favorite then, as he looked up to him as a mentor and a coach. Dobson got his first guitar in 2009 and since then he has been writing and singing. His music is said to be filled with African culture, vibes and Afrobeat sound and this has inspired his dress sense, he is always looking different and wants to get noticed the African Way.

Growing up with a single parent, he lost his dad at a young age and since then he is left with his mum and his younger brother, he has always referred to them as his source of inspiration. Producing music for Dobson has been a major challenge but regardless of that he has never failed to drop good projects for his fans to listen to or even stop him from showcasing his talents through stage performance, he has done concerts from his pockets, produced an EP project in the year 2020 which he titled UNCLE GYANG (EP) FT NORTHPRIEST and this project has gained lots of positive reviews in the music industry with lot of dope features and a song produced by himself in the EP,!!! WOW what a rare talent.

Dobson is an artiste that is versatile, truth and originality inspires his music and he feels loved whenever he sees the crowd vibe to his son. Dobson has similar sounds like John Bellion, Bruno Mars, Asa, Wurld. He is ready to express himself through music and he wants the world to know that he is ready.

Alpha Entertainment was happy to announce the artiste on their various social media pages as they welcome him to the team, “It Says” Welcome to the Pack Dobson @philipdobsonn and he replied with his excitement.

You can check out @Philipdobsonn on instagram and see what he has ready for you all.





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