A & O Records To Release Two Album Projects In Summer And Spring 2021

1 year ago

A & O Records To Release Two Album Projects In Summer And Spring 2021. Dubai based Music Producer, Fashion Stylist and business woman Mrs O is getting ready to release two EP projects simultaneously in the summer and spring this year.


She said her label A & O records is looking to partner with both established artistes and some upcoming unknown artistes to release a body of work.


I have been quiet for a while because I decided to take time off to perfect my plans and to work on several projects” she said.


Mrs O said she has a lot of reasons why she has been off the radar for a bit. “I needed time to set up the label properly, rebrand myself and my fashion brand, but mainly because I am in the process of trying to get all the artistes I wanted on the album” she stated.

I also wanted to figure out my niche creatively and exactly how best to impact people with my music” she said. “Most people don’t know I am a music producer, they just see me as an entrepreneur who loves music and dancing. Being a woman makes it difficult for some people to take you seriously especially when you say you’re a producer” she said.


“I want to use these albums to let people know I mean business. It is going to be my first body of work ever so I am collaborating with both song writers and several artistes because I want to use is to announce the label too” Mrs O said.


Mrs O says one of her biggest fears is failing and/or not being taken seriously. “When you are woman in a male dominated field you have to work twice as hard to stake your claim and leave your mark” she reiterated.


Mrs. Oluwapamilerinayo Ogunba aka Mrs. O who currently resides in Dubai is the founder of A & O Records & also the CEO of ANIKEADE OLOGE brand.


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