Mrs. O & Friends, Donate To Hard Hit Families.

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Mrs. O & Friends, Donate To Hard Hit Families. Mrs. Oluwapamilerinayo Hannah Ogunba aka Mrs. O and friends have donated some grocery, food supplies and items of clothing to some hard hit families in Ogun state and Lagos state.

This was done through a personal project she tagged ‘SISTER’S KEEPER’. She said the aim of this donation is to help alleviate the hard times caused by covid lockdown on some families especially those that had their breadwinners laid off or furloughed.

Mrs. O said she knew that a lot of families are struggling due to the pandemic restrictions and lockdown. “Some people have lost their jobs and have had to rely on food and free will donations to make ends meet” she said. She said the lockdown due to covid forced a lot of people to shelter in place and so needed help to feed and fend for their families.


“I asked some of my friends in the entertainment and music industry for help and they responded with groceries, food items, used clothes and even cash donations too” she stated. She said she started the donation drive among friends and family to raise items to give away, but was pleasantly surprised when she got an overwhelming positive response from her followers on instagram as well.

Mrs. O said the aim of the initiative was to raise enough grocery supplies and clothes donations to provide for at least 50 families, but the response exceeded her projections. She said her expectations was surpassed with the help of her community of friends and followers who raised enough to help provide meals for over 150 families.


Mrs. Oluwapamilerinayo Ogunba aka Mrs. O is a producer, fashion stylist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. She is the founder of A & O Records & also the CEO of ANIKEADE OLOGE.

She said she was motivated to give knowing that “givers never lack and the more you give the more you receive”.


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