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Top Five Things New Entertainment Bloggers Need to Know

Entertainment has been a large main frame for Nigeria, when you talk about the Nigerian Music Industry, it’s one of the biggest. We had lots of Entertainment blogs over the last few years.

Every new blogger you see today wants to come up with either an entertainment blog or a music blog, am not saying its bad for you to start up a blog and focus on what you love, but there are Top Five Things which you need to know as a New Entertainment Blogger in Nigeria.

At First let me say this, when you check out my blog, it’s all about entertainment, you see trending news about celebrities, new songs, music videos and all that. From a recent survey which have made so far, I have seen that we have more music and entertainment blogs than other niches.

Focusing on other niches is a great idea too, in the aspect of Technology, and the others. We have lots of different niches you can check out as a new blogger, we also have the Lifestyle niche over there. Now let’s get back to what we were talking about, I know you must have been dying to hear what I got to say, well, here it comes.

Being successful in the entertainment niche takes hard work, determination and it’s also competitive. I have been blogging for quite some time, written for blogs like and some others. I won’t lie to you, going into the entertainment niche means you got to have some kind of unique style, am not perfect yet but am still getting there. Below are some things which I believe will be helpful to new entertainment bloggers.

1. As a new entertainment blogger you need to be unique in your write up: You see lots of celebrity stories online these days, do you want your blog to rank up, I know most of you prefer the copy and paste pattern,.because probably you might have heard that the entertainment niche is all about copying and pasting, well some do that but not all. Your stories need to be unique, when you see a story online, you can change the title, but make sure it still talks about that particular Story. The more unique post you got, the more traffic for you.

2. Use your Social Media Wisely: As a new blogger going into the entertainment niche, you need to know that there is no shortcut to being successful. Your social media handles should be your tool, your facebook, twitter, instagram and even pin interest should be what you use to get lots views, I know Organic search is also good, but try and get active with your social media. In the first two years blogging, when I worked for others before opening mine, I learnt that with Social media, you can get the world to see what you are talking about, your posts should be shared on your different accounts online once they get published.

3. Talk to Many People As Much as you can about your blog: You all get the pressure that when you talk to people about your blog or you tell them that you are a blogger, they don’t listen to you. My blog actually made me popular, although not only that, because I also carry out other promotions, but basically your blog is the key root. Once you start getting popular don’t forget it’s what you started out today that brings about the success tomorrow.

4. Be Consistent in Your Post: Most times when we talk about consistency, some just say it’s all about updating daily, yeah it’s true, you update daily to keep your followers intact, so that you won’t lose them. But remember that does not mean you should fill out your new blog with just wack updates that are not worth it.

5. Know All about Your SEO: We have talked about a lot of things that could help your blog, as a new blogger, I won’t necessarily call myself an expert, but seriously you need to know what SEO is all about, I won’t be giving you a full detail about this here, but that will be in my next blog post.

Concluding this article here, am going to drop my pen down or keep my hands off the keyboard, if you are finding anything difficult you can drop your comments or send us an email as we will get back to you immediately. Don’t forget to subscribe to our news letter for more updates.

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