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It was the 29th day of may, and as everyone else I had my day planned and going. I was to meet with a long-time-friend that evening, so I washed up and set off to go make my hair. While in the saloon, I was day dreaming of how wonderful my evening would be. It had been a year since I last saw my long-time-friend and his family precisely. I was so lost in my day-dreaming that I didn’t notice when it got to my turn to make my hair. When my hairstylist tapped me on the shoulder, I startled.

“Madam Nneka, come and sit, it is your turn” she said brusquely. And with an “Oh” I got up from the waiting section and then moved to a seat facing the mirror. I gazed into the mirror smiling. “It was going to be a wonderful evening” I muttered. She started to make my hair, it was a braid. As her fingers moved through my hair swiftly, so did my thoughts wander. I was fascinated about meeting with Mr Daniel again. Sometimes I wished I was his wife. who wouldn’t want to be a wife to such a tall, dark skinned, handsome man? But he was way older than me and I never liked having anything intimate to do with older men. Funny: his wife once mistook me as a side chick or sugar girl.

But I wasn’t, I was just a social butterfly who loved to have fun. Plus, as a female student, going for dinner dates with guys would help me slash out dinner from my daily budget and that way, i will be saving money for clothes.(you know how it is now, students too like awofu)

I walked straight to my hostel immediately I was done with my braids. It was a stone throw from the saloon. When I walked into my hostel yard, I saw an inmate sitting outside. She jumped up immediately she saw me and I fidgeted. “Ah! Babe your hair is fine o” she said.

And I swinged my hair in a raunchy way, smiled and said thank you. I walked through the entrance door of my hostel feeling fly. My room was the second on the first floor, I knocked, and then opened the door unbidden.
When I entered my room, the smell of the beans my roommate Olachi was eating nauseated me. I did not talk to her, I went straight to the mirror on the wall to admire myself once more. I made a face while I was gazing into the mirror. Olachi did not even seem like she wanted to talk to me either.

“Stupid girl”, we haven’t been on good terms since the past three days. She hurt me and refused to render an apology. Now she wants me to be first to talk to her? I laughed, “the devil is not going to ruin my day, I was going to meet Mr Daniel” I reminded myself. With my hair done and my clothes picked and ironed, I decided to get busy. At least to keep time running by seeing a movie or something. Finally, I made up my mind to rewatch one of my favorite movies: blackish. While seeing the movie, I was replying the messages on my social media platform.

At 2:35pm I got a message from Mr Daniel.
Hey! my little friend, I’m sorry
I won’t be able to meet up with
Our proposed dinner date with
My family.. Something came up.

At first, I couldn’t believe the message. Like what the fuck? The devil has finally ruined my day. I looked straight at Olachi sleeping on the bed and I muttered “witch”. She was snoring ad nauseam. I felt the rush of adrenaline and immediately I remembered a photo I once saw on Instagram. It was of a girl with her make up all done. She made a face that was both funny and pitiful, the inscription above the photo reads: that moment you’re all done and ready for the date, then he hits you with the “I’m sorry…

Let’s do this some other time” text. I began to laugh, I laughed so hard that my stomach ached. I was laughing because I felt like the girl on that photo, like I literally walked in her shoes. Olachi whimpered in her sleep and I turned to look at her, at that moment she looked ugly. I got up from the chair I was sitting and began to pace the room. “which kind bad market be this” I said hoarsely. I was so disappointed. I walked straight to the bed, lay down and slept off immediately.

Writer : Didi Ebere

Instagram: @didiebere

#RealLife #ShortStories #Inspirational

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